Freeze-Dried Pet Treats the New Trend in Australia!

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The Beginnings of Freeze Drying... and Beyond!!


The freeze drying process was first used by Incas, American Indians that lived in Peru. This technology later became well known when NASA began using freeze dried foods for astronauts. Food that was used in space missions had to be long lasting, easy to prepare and light when packed, freeze dried foods was the solution. As NASA researched they found that freeze dried foods were not only long lasting they were also able to be reconstituted in a small amount of time. The freeze drying technique and process preserves and retains nutritional value and extends the short shelf life of many foods.

How Freeze-Dried Treats are Crafted

First the fresh meat is put into the blast freezer, in the blast freezer the fresh meat is immediately frozen in low temperature, under 35o - 40o Celsius. Next the frozen meat is put into a drying chamber (special freeze drying equipment) where it is put under negative pressure, this process withdraws the water content and is directly sublimated (solid to gaseous state), this means that the water content does not convert to a liquid state. Freeze drying food and treats retains more than 95 % of nutrients found in fresh meat. The flavour of the freeze dried meat is three times more concentrated and this process prolongs the shelf life of the meat. This freeze drying technique enhances the flavour of the meat and increases palatability.

Nutritional Value of Freeze-Dried Foods and Treats

When fresh meat is freeze dried more than 95% of the nutritional value is retained however other food preservation techniques such as dehydrating, cooking or air drying will remove most of the nutrients found in fresh meat. These methods also require preservatives that help extend shelf life. This is not the case when it comes to Freeze dried treats, they do not require any preservatives! The freeze drying process removes 98% of water from the fresh meat, which prevents bacteria and bacteria growth. Therefore, freeze drying meat retains majority of nutrients present in fresh meat, far better than other methods such as dehydrating or air drying that require preservatives.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Treats
  • Less food waste
  • Long shelf life
  • Preserves taste of meat
  • Preserves nutritional value
  • No chemical preservatives or additives
  • Minimum ingredients - know what is fed to dogs with allergies
  • More value for money: process reduces weight and size of treats
  • Source of protein 
  • Easy to store (no refrigeration required)
  • Highly portable
  • Mess free

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