About Us

Welcome to Freezy Paws, an Australian manufacturer that specializes in Superpremium Freeze-Dried Treats. Our treats are produced using the most advanced freeze-drying technology.  

We have introduced the most advanced freeze-drying technology from major aerospace food developers in North America and Asia. Unlike other brands, we produce our treats in our very own family-owned factory. Our family-owned factory is creating innovative and extremely nutritious pet treats, that are specially tailor-made for our Australian pets.

At Freezy Paws we adopt the small batch production system, it ensures that each batch of treats is of the highest quality and is retaining its original freshness - FREEZE THE BEST FOR LAST!

We strongly believe that our pets deserve a nourished life, that’s why here at Freezy Paws we are always creating top quality and human-grade products, we want to give back to our pets and say thank you! 

Our main focus when crafting Freeze-dried treats at Freezy Paws is to only use the highest quality ingredients that are 100% natural with no preservatives. Freezy Paws only uses ingredients produced in Australia and New Zealand. All our products are meet the AAFCO requirements.

Freezy Paws, Australia