The Truth about what could be in your pet's treats is so nasty and scary!

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“A recent spate of dog deaths in Victoria has been traced to a consignment of horses transported from the Northern Territory to be processed for pet meat, according to Primesafe and Agriculture Victoria. A statement released by the two organisations late last week said test results had confirmed pet meat processed at the Maffra & District Knackery Pty Ltd of Wombat Road, Boisdale, also known as Maffra District Knackery, as the source of indospicine, which caused the recent cluster of liver disease and dog deaths in Victoria.

Since the end of May, Victorian government agencies have been made aware of 61 affected dogs, of which 21 have died. These cases are predominantly in Bairnsdale, Traralgon, Mornington Peninsula and eastern suburbs of Melbourne areas to date. On 23 July, indospicine was confirmed as the toxin causing the illness and deaths.” 

What are the pet food and treat ingredients coming from?

Knackery By-Products

Bones, organs, blood, beaks, feathers, hair, hooves, horns, and all other sorts of rendered products that are all considered "unfit for human consumption" are allowed in your pet's treats and food.

Mystery Meat 

4D meat is the pet food industry's name for the Dying, Diseased, Disabled, or Dead meat they may put in your pet's treats or food. Depending on the manufacturer, this 4D meat at its best could be from livestock or poultry, or at its worst, it could be roadkill or euthanised animals.


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